Freezing Hummus

skeipJuly 5, 2012

Can it be done? What dose it do to the texture? How about freezing Baba Ganoush? People didn't eat as much as I thought they would yesterday, and I have more that I can eat right now. TYIA


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I've frozen hummus, and that works fine. I haven't frozen Baba Ganoush, but if you did, I think you might be able to help the texture a bit by adding a bit more tahini to it after it is defrosted. I recommend freezing them in plastic bags with all the air removed, and then you can double bag it. Do not freeze them in a container that will also have air.


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I have two containers of Lars' hummus recipe in my freezer as we speak. Will be using one in the near future and taking the other on my girl's canoe trip for lunch!


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I've also frozen hummus, but never baba ganouj, so I can't help you on that.

Hummus freezes just fine, though, so you're halfway there!


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I freeze baba ganouj without a problem. I make it at the end of the summer when eggplants are super cheap at the farmer's market.

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