cr6 vs full led halo can

benselfJuly 22, 2010

All -

We have been thinking of using the CR6 recently for our full kitchen / master suite remodel, but our contractor / lighting company has urged us to consider the "regular" LED Halo Cans instead, as we aren't retrofitting. Also, they're concerned about 6" cans instead of what they call traditional -- 5" or 4". Do any of you all have any thoughts on this -- or where I can read to have a smarter discussion with them on it. I've searched back several pages on this forum, and used the search, but haven't found a lot.



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The Cree light modules are cheaper than the Halo led light modules. The Cree lamps can fit most cans.

I used Halo led cans with LR6 GU24.

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Does anyone know if you can use the CR6 / LR6 outside on a porch?

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When do you choose the can to be LED and when do you just use any standard recessed can but screw in a LED light?

Whats the pros and cons of each?

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Okay - here's my 2 cents - finishing basement, using standard 6" recessed IC cans. Using CR6 because they are dimmable and compatible with standard cans. In my basement storage area I have already swapped out 8 100w halogens for 8 leds of comparable light = 800w for 96w.
Cree has a chart on their site that shows which cans are compatible with their led floods.
Hope this helps.

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LED cans are really LED light modules inserted into a can with a non standard connector. For example the HALO LED can light/ module + the HALO LED recessed can.

I don't see the point in getting HALO or JUNO LED can lights/ modules since the price point is rather high compared with the equivalent CREE LR6.

From a price and practicality perspective, CREE reccessed downlight lamps make more sense than even LED Geo bulbs, Pharox since they were made for the recessed can environment.

CREE lamps also come with either the edison (screw in) or the GU 24 base. The GU24 base CREEs do also come with an adapter wire harness so that you can use them with HALO LED recessed cans.

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I don't see why you would want the CR6 instead of the LR6. From what I've seen so far the prices look similar and the LR6 is a better light.

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IIRC, the CR6 can be dimmed to 5% whereas the LR6 only dims to 20%.

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The Cree LR6 is now also rated at 10.5 watts while still outputting 650 lumens. The CR6 outputs 575 lumens.

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