Looking for a Photocell/clock timer suggestions

ron-bcJuly 19, 2009

We are "doing" the stairs, driveway, curbing, landscape lighting renos.

We are looking for a photocell activated timer that has a programmable "turn off" timer. IE on at dusk, off at 1:00 am...

Is something like this made?

The lighting store people don't seem to know in my town, and the info on the websites isnt that clear.

If you have one, or know,could you let me know what you have please!


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Need more info. There are landscape transformers that can be set up that way but you also seem to have indoor loads - "stairs". How do you propose to get a photocell on that load? More common is an astronomic wall switch that knows when dusk is and can turn off at a preset time. Intermatic is one company that makes these.

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We carry both photocells and timers for low voltage landscape lighting transformers. From your description (driveway, curbing, stairs) I am assuming you mean your outdoor low voltage landscape lighting (i.e. outdoor stairs). If this is the case you have a low voltage transformer mounted outside an out timers and photocells pull into the transformers. Our transformers are photocell/timer ready (built-in ports)--I don't know what kind of transformer you have.

With a timer and photocell you can have it turn on when it gets dark but always shut off at a preset time (like midnight) by the timer.

Another option is the new Atstronomic timer (you can get them at Lowes or Home Depot for about $29). They are digital timers that adjust automatically to changing sunset times and daylight savings times (you enter in your zip code or area code) -- this eliminates the need for a photocell, but unlike a mechanical timer it adjusts for changing sunset times (also has a battery back-up so you don't lose your programs from a power outage.

Below is a link to our photcells, timers and transformers.

Good Luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: landscape lighting transformers, timers, photocells

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