Old Barn Light Needed

bungeeiiJuly 10, 2007

I have an old building with a set of swinging barn doors in the front. We want to place a light directly over that door. My problem is that I'm having a hard time finding, or even "searching" for the right light.

I've seen it called "gooseneck", "down light" and even a "sign light".

Here's what a city looking for bids called it "light fixtures with old-fashioned "barn" style light shield (or hood)."

What am I looking for? Where do I get it?

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Here are some commercial/industrial fixtures with shades.

Notice that this part of the catalog has 2 pages and that there are a lot of other fixtures with a lot of finishes.

Here is a link that might be useful: fixtures

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Thanks a bunch, mighty. That source looks a lot better than anything I'd managed to find in the past day and a half of looking.

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The RLM fixtures you are looking for can also be sold with different "necks" to them. You may want to check out this website to see if this is closer to what you need.

If you want to "Google" you can use RLM shades.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ark Lighting

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Here's a couple of options
Mercury Vapor Security Light - $46.50
Mercury Vapor Outdoor Wall Pack - $49.50
The wall pack has a built in photocell so it saves on the power.

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I discovered Barn Light Electric via an ad in a magazine. I assumed that the stuff on their site were lights that they themselves had designed and were either manufacturing themselves or having someone manufacture for them exclusively.

I found out through dealings with the company that this just isn't the case. They're little more than common distributors of the vast majority of their products, and add a hefty markup on top of that. They'll also lie to you and tell you they make most of the products themselves.

If you like the stuff on their website, just find what you want and contact a lighting distributor in your area to get these for you from same source from which Barn Light Electric gets them. Chances are pretty good that you'll be able to get a much better price for the exact same fixtures. With Barn Light Electric, you'll end up paying a ridiculous markup because they've got to cover the cost of all of their advertising, their website and any other bells and whistles they use to market themselves.

I know I was able to get a much better deal going through a local vendor.

Good Luck.

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