questions on pita and other flat breads

liz_hJuly 28, 2012

Do you have any hints on finding a pita bread that easily opens into pockets? DH prefers this type, and also does the shopping. Are the puffy ones more likely to open easily? Is thick better than thin?

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The main thing to consider is how fresh they are - check dates before buying. You will generally have a better selection at a Middle Eastern market, but if you are buying at HEB, check for the "best by" date. I tend to buy the whole wheat ones, although they are slightly more difficult to open. If the ones you have are old or stale, spray them with a bit of water before heating them. I heat them on an open flame so that I can stop the heating process before they become toast. How you heat them is also important.


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Lars, I'll definitely check the dates. What do you consider the best method for heating besides an open flame? My stove top is electric.

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Without a gas burner, I would use a very hot cast iron skillet for heating pita bread. It needs to be heated at a high temperature very quickly. Maybe someone else has another method that works - gas burner is the best, but you can also use the barbeque grill, since that can get very hot.


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Great! That's the way I heat tortillas, so should have no problem.

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