Solatube - Not sure I'm happy

southernstitcherJuly 23, 2013

It's been a while since there was a thread on this product. We had a 14" installed yesterday. I'm not real happy right now. We live in the deep south, so it gets pretty sunny here.
It was installed on a cathedral ceiling, which may be part of the problem. It has a lot of sharp blue light with much glare. There is a softening lens in the kit, but the installer told me it doesn't help much.
I actually had a headache sitting in the room yesterday! He had talked us out of getting the dimmer. I think we'll have to get one anyway.
He also told me their warming and softening lens "gives too much of a red color". So, my question is - has anyone tried using the gel sheets cut to size that they use for spotlights? If so, what color?

I'm very disappointed that they cannot provide a filter/lens that gives something other than a blue or red light!

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Ours do not give a blue light, we have two of them. Not sure why the cathedral ceiling would make a difference. One of ours is installed at about 12 feet and the other one is at 11 feet. We have no diffuser lens in ours. Your installer did remove the blue film from the reflector tube, correct?

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It's not blue after about 3pm. I guess the angle of the sun is more intense and warm at that time of day.

Good news though, and I hope this helps others. I read a review on Amazon, where someone posted they purchased a filter - one that they use for spotlights. He said to get the GAM brand (it's good for up to 4800 degrees F), in ivory, to get a great light. So, I ordered one. I plan to cut and place it over the "soft" lens that came with our kit. Hopefully that will help, and I'll report back.
The cathedral ceiling makes it just more "in your face". It faces down at an angle, and right onto this one sofa, so it's now uncomfortable to sit there at mid day. The glare is amazing.
Yes, he did remove the film - I saw it in the box, and didn't notice it being on the tube while he was installing it.

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