Need high-powered snake light

weedyacresJuly 15, 2011

Not really a home lighting question, but I am looking for a snake light that throws off 10 foot candles at a distance of 6 feet. I'm not finding those kind of specs when I google around for high-illumination lights.

Can anyone point me toward a source, type of bulb, recommended spec/configuration, or anything else to help me get a light that will meet my needs?

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"10 foot candles"

No longer a commonly used unit.

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It is in elevator code. Any help with converting it to what the rest of the world uses?

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It is no longer used much since it is not adequate for defining luminous intensity reliably.

You might be able to convert it to lumens, but the geometry involved make s it a less than simple issue.

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1 foot candle is ~ 10.764 lux.

Possible alternatives could be
1. Using a standard work light.
2. Mounting a high output light such as an Olight SR90 on a tripod.
3. Building your own using high output LEDs (eg - SST-50/ 90, Cree XM emitters). There are people on candlepowerforums who build their own high output lights.

Here is a link that might be useful: Useful formlas for lighting

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Or one lumen per square foot.

An isotropic (uniform in all direectins) one-candela light-source emits a total luminous flux of exactly 4ÃÂ lumens (since a spheres is 4ÃÂ steradians).

A partially covered source would emit a differnet amount.
Block off one half of the light and the output becomes a flux of 2ÃÂ lumens.

Is this for commercial work?

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This is for an elevator car top and I just want an inexpensive light that's bright enough. No desire to build our own. So if I found a light that was 410 lumens or 11 lux, that would emit 10 foot candles at the source and then, presumably, dissipate over distance?

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