Modern Walnut Cabinets?

PipdogJanuary 17, 2014

Our old white kitchen is now officially gone, and we're in the initial planning stages of a kitchen remodel/facelift for a mid century mod kitchen in our new home. Can anyone recommend manufacturers or sources of modern looking walnut cabinets? We're open to custom, but would like to price out all options before we head the custom route. I'm seeing a handful of European manufacturers, but I'm not sure about the quality and would love some GW recs if you all have them or could point me in the right direction.

We're looking for walnut cabinets that look something like this (these are bathroom vanities, but you get the idea of the color and wood grain):

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Pipdog did you leave your kitchen with the gorgeous mother of pearl backsplash? That was always one of my faves.

I did a contemporary Ikea kitchen using a mix of Semihandmade and Sherr's grain- matched walnut slab doors. Pic are in the FKB.

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annkathryn, we did leave our kitchen - just closed on the old house last week! It was fun while it lasted, but it was time to move on. I just found your kitchen and it is gorgeous! The walnut/white combo is really sleek. How do you like your Semihandmade cabs? We are considering Semihandmade or possibly Handmade for the walnut cabs. Would you recommend them?

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I've fallen in love with henrybuilt cabinets ( and I think they have walnut as an option. They are made in Seattle and custom and I have heard they are very expensive but haven't seen any prices. They are modern but warm like the pics you showed.

Special Projects Division is another cabinet maker in Seattle that I ran across that I think is try to do similar work as henrybuilt for less cost (though again I haven't seen any prices).
We are on in the planning/dreaming stages so I haven't used either of these companies. Good luck with your search and keep us posted.

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Hi. We are likely doing a walnut kitchen too. IKEA boxes. I'm torn on doors semihandmade or a local shop. I know I want notched handles no hardware so that's our big concern.

But I have two inspirations one from the kitchn and one from Gw. Have you seen sochi's kitchen? I love it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Inspiration from sochi

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Sorry realized I left off the kitchn kitchen!

Here is a link that might be useful: Have you seen this kitchen? Love.

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We just put in walnut cabinets from Plato Woodwork. They are not as modern as the ones posted, but I'm sure they could do whatever you want. They were great to work with, quality is outstanding. We do live in their home state so I'm not sure how (or if) they do outstate orders.

I haven't posted a reveal yet but there are a couple of photos in posts floating around GW.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plato Woodwork

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pipdog I had a very good experience with Semihandmade and in fact went to the shop in SoCal first before making a final decision to use his door fronts and side panels.

The kitchen linked above (the kitchn kitchen) is also Ikea with Semihandmade doors.

Here's a more recent picture of mine; Semihandmade on the perimeter and Sherr's on the island. I wasn't as clever a hacker as dutty (recent Ikea super hack post) and couldn't figure out how to cut down 24" deep Ikea drawer bases to 18", thus the Sherr's component.

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pipdog are you in the Bay Area? We had our master vanity custom made by a shop in San Jose. From MasterBath

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Ooh pretty bath. Annk- mind if I ask why you chose local custom the bathroom but went the ikea route in the kitchen?

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iheart we wanted the wall-hung cabinets in the master bath and (as I mentioned upthread) I wasn't nearly as clever an Ikea hacker as others here. This was part of a whole-house renovation which included 3 bathrooms, one of which I did use Ikea kitchen cabinets in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea cabinets in hall bath

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I was deadset on henrybuilt cabinets for my kitchen, but they were so darned expensive. I ended up with a local cabinet maker. It was less than half the price of hb, but I think looks as good or better. As I move on with the house, I will continue to use him. He also did two baths for me. I will say that the people at HB are very helpful and friendly on the phone.

Another source to consider is Viola. I think they are made by HB, but are less expensive. They look gorgeous online (I love the blue!).

I would definitely look into custom local cabinet makers, though. If you know an architect, you might be able to find get a recommendation. The guy I used does a lot of mcm homes around the city. You might also try ikea boxes with custom doors. I had considered that as well.

Pic of island grain (with cute little bird):


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drop-dead gorgeous, rockybird :)

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Thanks annkatherine! Your kitchen and baths are stunning! And I LOVE your marble!

mdin - who made your cabs? very nice.

I cant wait to see what pipdog does with her kitchen!

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rockybird - do you mind sharing the price differential? I love, love HB cabinets but haven't priced them out and am wondering if I should bother if they are just too costly. I think we'll have about 30 feet of linear cabinets.

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annkathryn, i used to be in the Bay Area but we're in LA now. I'm glad to hear you had a good experience with Semihandmade -- our next step is probably heading to their showroom to see some of their work. They did an amazing job with your kitchen. Is your counter material on the perimeter Caesarstone? If so, which color?

christymck, thanks for the henrybuilt rec. Their stuff looks drop dead gorgeous. It would be great to find a local cabinet maker who could replicate that look.

oh, rockybird, your shower tile! I don't think I'd seen a photo of your bath before. It is stunning! I just pinned it and made a note to contact you when we embark on our bath remodel. That wavy tile is so cool! Thanks for the Viola rec, I will check them out. We're meeting with a MCM architect next week and we're hoping they might have some recs for local cabinet makers that might be able to replicate the Henrybuilt look. I like keeping it local. Your cabinets turned out beautifully. And I like how your bird always makes it into the photos.

mdln, those are really pretty! I'd also like to know who made those cabinets.

nashvillebuild, thanks for posting those inspiration kitchens. Sochi's is one of my favorites, but I hadn't seen the other one and it is really beautiful!

cksquared, thanks for posting, I will check out Plato. Look forward to seeing your reveal.

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Not my cabs - wish they were!!! They are on my "to do" list of places to call.

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pipdog my perimeter counters are Caesarstone in Arctic White. I bought them at Ikea when I got the cabinets during their sale.

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Pip- glad you like the kitchn kitchen. Would you mind updating this thread with your opinions of semihandmade after your visit?

Ann- thanks for answering. I was curious if you thought the semihandmade veneer wouldn't have held up as well to the bathroom humidity etc. now I understand it was just a reluctance to hack the cabinetry to hang on the wall.

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Nashvillebuild also brings up a point I meant to raise earlier: I'm also curious what you all think of veneer vs. solid wood cabs. A lot (most) of the Semihandmade cabs are veneer, if I'm reading their site correctly. It seems a lot of the modern, minimalist looking cabs I'm seeing on line (Houzz, etc) are veneer to create the consistency of pattern. I've never had veneer cabs before and our last kitchen had solid wood cabs.

Annkathryn, can you weigh in on the advantages/disadvantages of veneers? And is there a big price differential?

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I think most cabinet and furniture makers use veneers for their larger pieces. The stability of the substrate is what's important. I remember John at SemiHandMade saying he tried using solid woods at one point and the warping was well beyond what would be considered acceptable. We could have chosen the sheets of wood ourselves - there are various grades - but since we don't live in SoCal we just went with what he chose.

This is the sheet of walnut we used for the master bathroom vanity: From MasterBath

We hired a finish carpenter to do the back of the island. He used 2 sheets of veneer for the back and side, and solid walnut for the edge. From Kitchen From Kitchen

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I used Ikea boxes with bookmatched walnut veneer fronts and panels from Sherr's.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gordo's walnut & white kitchen

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Christy, I dont know for sure the price difference, but I would say 20-30k more just for the HB cabs. If I remember right, I think I expected the cabs to cost at least 50k. However, I am not sure if I had an actual design ready when I spoke with them. Dont forget that you also have work with a contractor or someone who can get everything to fit and install cabs.

Pip, I had the same question about walnut. I was told that walnut slab will expand and shrink with temp and humidity change. Thus doors and cabs. will not fit right. The only thing that is solid walnut in my kitchen is the island top and as sides.

Annkatherine - what kind of marble is that? It is just striking, especially on the walnut.

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Mine are custom from Adelphi Cabinets in Pennsylvania. The photo is a panorama shot. The cabinet run is completely straight, not curved IRL.

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Plain and Fancy offers a frameless line and they bookmatch too. I also LOVE their Transition 3 door and their Austere door. Both look great in frameless walnut.

Attached is the Transition 3 door in Walnut.

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