purple or pink tinge on MR16 12v 50 watt bulbs?

norwegaJuly 29, 2010

I'm having a hard time finding a replacement bulb for our pendants. I've tried GE and Phillips and GE has a purple tinge, and Phillips has a pink tinge to it. The one white light bulb (farthest from the fridge) we have just says "made in Germany" so I can't tell what brand to buy.

anyone else have this problem?

the pendants are visible from the street, so it really looks dumb to have pink or purple lights in the kitchen!

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Strange that the GE Constant Color looks so purple. I have not known those bulbs to look that way. One solution might be to use an MR16 with a coated back, silver would my choice. That coating blocks all the backlight from the bulb. It will however only provide light down. There are also some specialty MR16 bulbs on the market that are rated 4600K which is very cool. Try getting some GE's from a lighting showroom, they should be in a small silver box. Sometimes there is actually a difference in the quality of the bulb that is made for the commercial market (showrooms will have them) and the ones in those retail packs you have. Perhaps the manufacturer of the fixture can tell you what the bulbs is if it came with the fixture. Glad to help with the coated back bulbs or the 4600K if you can't find them locally. ginger@yourlightsite.com, if you need me.

Here is a link that might be useful: My web site

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found the bulb that works. I had bought bulbs there when we first put up the monorail, but didn't remember, as it was 2 years ago, (in Seattle area - Kelsun Distributors). Just in case anyone else has the problem, what I found works is a Halogen Reflector MR16 by Ushio... it was about $3.50 per bulb.

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