wattage help for MB recessed lighting

cat_momJuly 26, 2010

Our MB is very small--5X7. There are three 6" cans (no other lighting in the room, no need or desire to add any add'l fixtures).

We still use incandescent floods in all recessed lighting throughout the house (still haven't decided on replacements for the 100 W floods used in other rooms--should've stocked up while we had the chance!). We put 65 W incandescent flood bulbs in the MB cans; this is what we had in our hall bath pre-reno (we "stole" one foot from the length of the hall bath to make the MB wider--5x7 is the new MB room size). The hall bath was originally two feet longer (it was ~5X9, now it is ~5X8). We also have three cans in our guest bathroom (longer, but narrower than the other bathrooms), with 65 W flood bulbs in each can.

For some reason, the lighting in the MB (same brand/size bulbs, BTW) seems very bright, almost too bright. It definitely appears brighter than the guest bathroom, and brighter than the hall bath was (that bathroom is still a work-in-progress). I tried the 45 W version of the same bulbs this morning, but the lighting seemed too dim (Goldilocks, move over!).

My questions are, one, why would the 65 W bulbs seem sooooo, so much brighter in the MB than they did/do in the other bathrooms? The wall color is a bit darker in the guest bathroom (not dark, though) than the MB, and the walls were white in the hall bath originally. Ceilings are/were white in all three.

Also, if we put in a dimmer switch (Lutron Diva dimmer), are we likely to experience the buzzing sound one sometimes hears when dimming recessed lighting? I imagine I'd only dim the bulbs very slightly for daily use (to take off that "edge"), and perhaps dim them more so at night, before bed (when the very bright light seems most off-putting).

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You need to use dimmers made for incandescent lighting. Either a Mastro or Diva should work.

3 cans would provide more than enough light. I don't think the lights are providing more light. Probably just human perception at work.

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Thanks davidtay. Yes, we know they'll provide(more than) enough light. The can layout in the MB follows the layout the electrician had set-up in our hall bathroom shortly after we'd moved in (we'd removed the original drop celing w/integrated flourescent lights/panels). Same layout was followed in the guest bathroom. Three cans total; one can over the sink/vanity, the other two are by the toilet and tub/shower.

I'm sure the smaller size of the room is a factor, it just seems that much brighter than we would have expected even allowing for the smaller sized room.

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