Ceiling fan light kit--am I wasting my time?

ladoladiJuly 22, 2011


I recently purchased a ceiling fan that I really like. It's one of the re-packaged big box store brands. The fan works great, but unfortunately I let myself become blinded by the style and didn't really pay much attention to it only taking 3 40 watt candlebra bulbs. The light is completely inefficient. We've got the fan in the bedroom, so it's not the end of the world, but I would like a smidge more light. I've called the big box store, who put me through to their parts department, and after days and days, essentially no one can help me because they "make over 800 different fans and have no way of knowing which parts might be interchangeable." 0.o

I've searched many of the lighting websites for light kits and googled "universal light kit." The problem is I would like to keep the glass shade on the fan, and all of the light kits I'm finding have some kind of shade involved. It's really just the small part where the 3 light bulbs screw into that I would like to replace. It seems simple enough, as all I had to do to install that piece was connect black & white wires to the fan. There wasn't even a wire nut involved; the two ends literally just plugged into each other. I'm running out for work, but could post pictures of what I'm describing later.

Anyways, my questions are:

Am I wasting my time looking for this replacement part?

I'd screw in a higher watt bulb, but I can't find a candlebra bulb higher than 40 watt. Or is that just a plain bad idea? Assuming I found one of higher wattage...

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Call the manufacturer of the fan. If anyone will have a solution they will.

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What the manufacturer said: "essentially no one can help me because they 'make over 800 different fans and have no way of knowing which parts might be interchangeable.'"

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