LED equivalent (or more wattage) for B10 bulbs?

writersblockJuly 31, 2011

We're looking at various options for sconces with shades for vanity lighting in the bath. Something along these lines:

Pretty nearly all the sconces we've looked at use a B10 bulb, 60 watts max, and I realize this is largely to keep from overheating the shade. (It seems to be the same whether the shade is glass or fabric, mostly, for this style of sconce.)

What I'm wondering is whether there is an LED bulb that would work here that is any brighter than the incandescent, since heat isn't a problem with those? (They do give the specs for a suitable CFL, but I can't stand the light from those.)

There will be one or two recessed overhead cans as well, but since we plan to stay here for a long time I'm thinking of the future when it gets harder to see to put on makeup. More overheads won't help with that so much. I'm just trying to figure out a way to increase task lighting, so to speak.

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There are LED bulbs in the B10 form factor today. However, they may not be as bright as, let alone brighter than incandescent B10s.

If you're only looking for sconces, either look for A lamp compatible sconces or something like the Robern Candre/ Uplift sconce.

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Thanks, davidtay.

However, they may not be as bright as, let alone brighter than incandescent B10s.

Yes, that's what I've heard from the folks I know who've tried them--not even as bright as.

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To add to davidtay's post, I don't think you are currently going to find a LED candelabra bulb that is more than a 40W equivalent..and that may be pushing it a little. The issue is getting a high brightness LED into that small of package and being able to dissipate the heat (from the LED junction, not radiated heat from a filament), so that bulb life and color temperature are not effected. As LED technology improves you will definitely most certainly see higher wattage equivalents in this bulb shape.

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Thanks, polar_sean. That's what I was afraid would be the case.

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Actually, the LED emitters (> 200 lumens per watt) are available today.

But only if you're willing to build your own ...

Many LED lamp manufacturers are trying to make a quick buck off yesterday's technology.

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