Running wires for undercab lighting

ranger481vsJuly 25, 2012

I am looking for advice on how I can run the wiring for undercab lighting in my kitchen. All upper cabinets will have lighting strips underneath. See the attached drawing. Each wall is about 12ft long. I will be using low voltage LED strip lighting, so I have a transformer to deal with. I also have a window to get around. Ideally, the transformer would be located inside the cabinet above the microwave, but that is far away from the preferred switch location. Can I run LV wiring that far and not have issues with powering the light strips? Otherwise, I'm thinking the transformer will need to be in the cabinet above the light switch.

Other things to note:

- The upper cabinets can be easily removed so I am able to access the underside of the soffit, which might be a good place to run wires. The is also space between the back of the cabinets and the wall which would allow room for running LV wires.

- In the cabinet above the microwave, there is an electrical outlet that is tied into the lighting circuit. Use to be hooked up to range hood. I was hoping to tie into this as my power source for the undercab lighting. (note: The micro is on it's own dedicated circuit)

- The ideal switch location is on the opposite wall.

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You need to measure the total length of wire needed, and figure out the length of lights for each run.

More information on the UCL continuation

Here is a link that might be useful: UCL continuation

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Yes, from left to right, the lengths are 24", 70", 46" and 46". I already have the materials from environmental lights (5m LED reel, transformer, and lutron dimmer switch). I am just trying to figure out options for routing the wiring.

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Presumably the switch controls the socket in the cabinet above the microwave?

Are the lengths the undersides of the cabinets?

There are several ways to configure, for example
24" + 70" as 1 run, the 2 46" sections as separate runs.
2 runs
24" + 70"
46" + 46".

You need to measure the length of wire to each run. The shorter the run the better.

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Okay, thanks much.

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