kitchen under cabinet lighting

emaemesJuly 8, 2014

Hi All....Hope you can help me....I want to have under cabinet lighting put in my kitchen....Just to give you info.,
Cabinets are wood, counters are black granite, and backsplash is a blue glass tile....The kitchen is part of the living space....the kitchen is a very dark has 6 pot lights in the ceiling....My problem is in choosing which kind of light to go with under cabinet....I need something that throws light onto counters but also illuminates the tile backsplash....the backsplash only comes to life with light on it.....therefore I don't want a light that only goes straight down....I want light that goes down and also spreads out.i..
I'm considering LED, but from what I'm reading, it only throws light straight down......HELP ! Need advice.....

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Did you look at the linked thread?

It is a common misconception that LEDs are very directional.

Here is a link that might be useful: Led ucl continuation

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Thanks Davidtay....
I looked at the link you sent me and I will show to my electrician...who will certainly hopefully understand more than I do......I am strictly a lay person when it comes to this.....need to have everything in plain English.....I gather from your answer that I am not right about led lighting.....There are fixtures there now (not led) that throw beautiful light but they don't work on a regular basis....they're going out of here......Boy am I lost...My fear is that I will replace them and hate the light......Yikes..

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I DIYed a whole showroom full of Hafele LED tape lights, including uplighting, and in-cabinet lighting. It's easy, and it puts out plenty of light to highlight a backsplash, and to provide task lighting for the counter.

Transitional Kitchen by Other Metro Kitchen & Bath Designers ProSource Memphis

Traditional Wine Cellar by Other Metro Kitchen & Bath Designers ProSource Memphis

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Live Wire Oak
Thank you , thank you...!!
Perfect.....Perfect lighting...just what I need....
Will take notes and show to electrician......

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Live wire oak...did you mean strip lights? I went to Hafele website and do not see tape lights?

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You can get similar lights from, and other places.

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