Need a BRIGHT, dimmable track light

wi-sailorgirlJuly 12, 2010

We have a short track (maybe 18 inches, 2 feet at most) with three lights on it at the top of our stairs, which go up to a half second floor with a railing open to the living room below. The track provides lighting for the upstairs open hallway and are the only lighting source for the stairs.

Right now there are three mismatched fixtures (BIG can types, that look to me like something you'd see outside) that provide adequate lighting, although I'd prefer more.

I'd like to replace it with another track fixture (or something with three directional lights) that has much smaller fixtures but provides really good lighting.

What's the best route to take here? Halogen? LED? I don't mind paying a little bit more for this fixture particularly if the bulbs will last a while. It's very scary to service this fixture (because you are sort of perched over the railing to down below) so the less time we spend changing light bulbs, the better.

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I'd go with LED. There are many choices available today.

Albea has some interesting high output led strip lighting that perhaps could be made to work with a recessed trough in the ceiling.

I'm sure Pegasus lighting has a solution too.

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Stay with a brand name Mr16 track head.
Most of them will last 5000 hours, or you can purchase 10,000 hour lamp for a little bit more.
I have 50 of these lamps in my home, which was built 5 years ago, and I haven't replaced one of them.
I use Iwasaki lamps, but GE or Philips are comparable.
Stay away from LED....
They're not as dependable as anyone thinks, are they are very expensive. Their light output and colour rendering are questionable, to say the least.

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