how many loads per week are mos machines good for?

talley_sue_nycOctober 6, 2012

I live in a small apartment building, and we're currently renting commercial machines. But they're WAY overpowered for us, and to service the rental, the fees per load are too high.

One solution I want to explore is simply buying two HOME washers and two home dryers, and installing them.

But one issue, of course, will be whether we'll wear out home machines too quickly.

Most people keep their home washers several years, and we can't be the only family that does 7 to 9 loads in the average week.

So I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how long machines last nowadays, and how many loads most machines are expected to handle in a week.

If you can steer me to any "authoritative" source, I'd be really grateful!

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Residential machines are designed to run 6 loads per week for 10 years.

My Whirlpool toploader I purchased 7.5 years ago lasted 4.5 years at 5 per week. So not all machines reach that goal. I am hopeing my Bosch Vision 500 DLX reaches that 3,000 wash mark.

Sorry, linky to no longer works.

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Will each and every family in the building treat the machines as if they own them? If not, the machines might fail sooner than the numbers would predict.

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Hmm, thanks for the info!

The thing is, right now, we pay $2,500 to rent 2 washers and 2 dryers for each year.

That's just way more than we need to spend; we could buy 2 home sets on sale for that. And if they lasted 2 years, we'd still be ahead.

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You can buy coin op machines and not use the coin mech. Or if you want you could use the coin mech but keep the cost per load low (as low as $0.25 per load) The money collected could go into a maintenance account.

For what your paying in rental per year you could purchase the 2 wash and 2 dry commercial coin op machines with about 1.5 years worth of rental

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tally, that's INSANE!

For less than $1,700 (plus tax) I got a Samsung 520 series washer and dryer. If you spent $3,400, you could have those 4 units for a lot longer than what $3,400 would get you in rental fees.

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Somewhere on here there was a link to the commercial versions of the Electrolux. IIRC, it didn't cost much more (if any) than the residential machine and had a much better warranty.

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If the machines are being used by tenants, and more than one family, might that void the warranty of a residential machine?

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The warranty would definately be void. Every warranty I've seen has a single family use clause.

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I've attached a link to a site for Whirlpool coin op machines

Here is a link that might be useful: Coin op washers and dryers

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I do an average of 5 loads of laundry a day. I think the problem you will run into is how the machines are used and maintained. I had no problem doing 5 loads a day in a bottom of the line LG FL for 7 years. It was then given to a friend who is still using it heavily. It has been cleaned regularly, no over use of products, not overloaded, door and detergent drawer open between uses. How confident are you that the machines won't be abused?

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