Help finding a chandelier similar to this?

bornslippyJuly 10, 2014

Hi there:

We've been bashing our heads against the wall trying to locate a chandelier like the attachment that we've fallen in love with. Can't find anything like this. Probably because its a vintage design that was refinished?

Anyway, just throwing it out there if anyone has any hot leads. :)


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Here is something remotely similar.

Where did you find the original photo? Was is the file name of the picture? Often you can search for the file name of the picture and get clues.

It is very possibly a Mid-Century antique and thus may be next to impossible to find. It sort of looks like it's from the 1960s. The photo looks like an installation shot rather than a mfg promotional picture or showroom photo.

If possible, contact a dealer who specializes in vintage chandeliers.


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Try a Google reverse image search. In Chrome browser, right click and choose Search Google for this image. It turned up some possible alternatives.

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Ah. Yes, indeed.. looks like a TV show found it at an antique/vintage store and had it restored/refinished.

Thanks publickman for the find - that is indeed pretty close.

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