WAC invisiled tape for kitchen under-cab

Marg2July 11, 2011

Our local lighting store had these and they looked fine. I've searched for previous mentions on Garden Web, and those who have mentioned them by name seem happy. My concerns are:

an online review on another site said that the connections are fragile and broke easily. Anyone have similar experiences?

are these actually bright enough for task lighting? We plan on using these as undercabinet lighting in our kitchen?

Our cabinet widths are 30 and 36. The lighting store suggested buying 2 1ft lengths and two 2" lengths for the 30-inch cabinet and centering the lights under the cabinet. Will the 2 "unlighted" bits at either end seem dead, or will the light spread. The lighting guy didn't seem to think it was a problem.

Not sure what to do here. Worried that I'm jumping on the LED bandwagon without actually thinking through the utility. (And I have to keep reminding myself that I grew up in a house with dark green avocado formica countertops and where the only light was a hanging fixture over the kitchen table, and we were quite happy, thank you very much.)

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I looked at them ~ 3 years ago and decided to go with product from environmentallights/ photonier/ superbrightleds/ nora lighting.

The connectors are relatively fragile compared with the standard 3 prong wire plugs given the size. The invisiled tape lights are flexible but should never be treated like rope/ nylon string. These are lights that you don't keep fiddling with after installation.

There are more options available today (12V/ 24V DC and 120V AC).

You may find the following discussion thread helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: LED UCL DIY

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We are putting in LED task lighting under the cabinets. They are inexpensive and provide good lighting. They are 24 volt and come in three finishes and four lengths. 6, 12, 22, and 30 Kitchler I believe and are dimmablle. We chose stainless steel because they reflect better on the granite. Something our lighting architect said works best. They are not easily visible to the eye. They are less expensive than the design pro LED discs that we got for the range area. Those are 200.00 and the others are 107.00 with contractor price. Good Luck

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