Under cabinet lighting questions-newbie- confused!

wolverine2July 24, 2013

I've read some under-cabinet lighting threads but am so confused by them- I need some advice in non-technical language, and our electrician is coming tomorrow so we need to figure out what we're doing ASAP. I apologize for the really basic questions!

I read about Armacost LED tape lights on a kitchens thread, and thought it looked pretty low-cost and easy to do ourselves, and I like the idea of LED. But I have a couple questions if we did this...

Would we need a separate outlet and DC power supply for each separate place we need to put the lighting? (For example, we have 30" cabinets on each side of the range that aren't connected to any other cabinets- would we need two separate outlets and DC supplies?) If yes, then we would need 4 separate outlets/DC supplies to light all of our counter space. Our cabinets go almost to the ceiling (about 2 in crown molding at the top) so that would mean the outlets would have to be in the cabinet, right? One of the cabinets has glass doors, so that might complicate things.

Would I be able to have one switch to turn on all of those lights or would I have to have 4 separate switches (which I don't want)?

My electrician thought it sounded much easier to just hardwire for lights and not deal with the low voltage thing, but I haven't even looked into that. Would that be better? If so, any lower-cost recommendations?

Thank you!

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Ok, I think I've figured out my own answers by pouring over some websites- I think we would put them on 2 different power sources, with wires going through the wall behind the range. It also looks like the Armacost RibbonFlex Pro can be hard wired, though I'm not sure what's involved in that and if there is an advantage one way or the other?

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Did you look at the following link?

Here is a link that might be useful: LED UCL continuation

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I did look at that link, and it helped, but I was still confused. But I ended up calling Armacost, and they were incredibly helpful and sent me a UCL design for my kitchen and told me exactly what to buy and how to wire it. So we're putting in one power source and are hard wiring it and I know exactly what to tell the electrician today. And it will cost under $200!

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