how does LED undercabinet lighting work with hard wires?

colickyboyJuly 7, 2010

I have no idea how this all works and it's so hard to find info on this. Plus, I know nothing about electricity. Can anybody help?

I have 5 areas under kitchen cabinets that my GC has wires coming out of the wall (2 wires in each area). Do I still use a transformer to bring the 120v current down to the low voltage needed for the LED light bars? If so, how does it lower the current at each of the 5 hard-wired locations?

Specifically, I'm looking at the 100W power supply (which I assume is the same thing as the transformer?) at b/c I'm interested in the light bars that they and Photonier sell. How does this work with wires coming out of walls in several different locations?

My GC doesn't think the power supply/transformer will work with the various hard wires. I have no idea...I thought it would. The environmentallights sales rep first told me it would work but then stopped helping me. Can anybody please help an electricity noob?

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Yes you do. The light bars will be on a separate circuit.


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You will need a separate transformer at each location if you plan on connecting to the 120v hard lines. If possible, you can run the low voltage lines in the walls and eliminate the need for additional transformers. If you are still at a stage this is an option, it will save you a little bit of $$. Check the environmental lights website, their instruction guide details everything you will need.

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Or you can use 120V LED fixtures with built-in drivers which will work with the wiring you have.

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scottdim - unfortunately, the wires are already in and the drywall is already up. sounds like i'll have to do a separate transformer at each location.

dim4fun - which 120v LED fixtures do you recommend? which store/web site?

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Philips Color Kinetics or Alkco or Maxim.

Here is a link that might be useful: Color Kinetics

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