Short Stack? Substitute for Bosch?

HelenBackOctober 11, 2011

Hi, everyone --

We are finishing up a small remodel, and half my laundry closet is now part of the adjoining bath. Waaaay back in the planning stages, we purchased a stackable washer and dryer, the Bosch WFVC544 and WTVC553 for the new, much smaller laundry closet and delayed delivery until the new space was ready.

So now, we're finally at that point. Installation was scheduled for tomorrow, but this afternoon I received a call that damage was noted on the dryer when the units were being loaded on the truck. The appliance store will not deliver a damaged unit (and I appreciate this policy and the fact that they caught the issue in the first place), but the problem is that their warehouses and distributors have no replacement dryers in stock, since this model has been discontinued for a while.

One reason I chose the Bosch was that I could reach the controls on the dryer when stacked, and I couldn't do so on any of the other similarly stacked display models at the store. Can you recommend any other stackable units that are less tall than most?

Also, the salesman is offering to replace with a Maytag or Whirlpool pair, and I'm not too excited about those options. My last W/D were Whirlpool, and they were long-lived, but not spectacular performers. I don't know much about Maytag. My husband owns many Bosch tools and was enthusiastic about buying their laundry products. Any thoughts on these substitutions?


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Homeclick has the dryer in white for $896.50 with free shipping. has the dryer in silver or anthracite for a little more.

Maytag is now part of Whirlpool.

Ditto your opinions on Whirlpool Laundry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch Vision WTVC553SUC

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Thank you so much, deeageaux, for your info! I had done a search using my model number (minus the color code) and had not found these.

We've always bought major appliances locally rather than over the internet, but this may be the first time exception. It's hard to evaluate pricing, since delivery and installation were included at the local store.

If I don't buy from one of your links and commit to standing on a step stool to run my dryer, I am considering the LG mid-priced series (washer is WM3360HWCA), which the local store will swap out for me along with the equivalent dryer. Many more bells and whistles, but is it equivalent quality-wise to the Bosch? People at Home Depot who purchased seem to love it. However, I am told the washer does not have the on-board heater, and according to what I've read here, that is crucial.

Thanks again for any opinions!

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I would not consider a front-load washer without an on-board heater.

Of the brands available in the US,I like three brands.

1)Miele. The best but very spendy.

2)Bosch. The Vision,as you may know,is assembled in North Carolina. The parts you can see are made there. Most of the parts you can't see, the really important stuff to long term durability is high quality German parts.

I was really close to spending the big bucks on the Miele but got such a good deal on the Vision 500 DLX I decided to go for it. Very happy with the washer.

3)Asko. Sweedish company that makes their 27" washer and gas dryer in Sweeden. Two year parts and labor warranty plus a third year if you register online within 90 days of purchase. Stackable too.

LG is in the middle of a turnaround and have their ten year warranty on the motor. Too soon to tell how easy it is to make a claim on that warranty and long term durability.I would rather stay with companies with a long solid track record.

Here is a link that might be useful: Asko WL6532XXLW

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I agree with deeageaux about the on-board heater - definitely needed for proper performance of a FL washer. I think getting the matching Bosch dryer from another source is your best option. As much as I like my LG washer and dryer (with an on-board heater), I would have preferred a European one. The LG definitely takes a lot more "investigative" work to figure out how to get best washing performance since the heater engages in some cycles only and the washer does not guarantee wash temps. From what I've read Miele, Bosch and Asko are the only washers that actually ensure the wash temp to be as stated.
My LG has its quirks. The other day I put in a load and set it to Normal/Hot/Stain Cycle. The water was barely luke warm when the washer filled....

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deeageaux, thanks for your further information. I did know that the Bosches were assembled in North Carolina, but I did *not* know that the mechanicals were made overseas and of the well-known German Bosch/Siemans quality. That reinforces my earlier decision to buy the Bosch units.

We have an Asko dishwasher, purchased in 1995. Except that over the years the door springs have failed and there's been some rusting of the dishracks, it still washes the dishes perfectly, and we've never had an issue with the electronics. I saw the Asko washer at the applicance store and really liked it, but I am hesitant because of the problems reported on earlier models. I understand these have mostly been resolved, but the push button controls looked a bit fragile, and as I mentioned, my husband is biased toward Bosch because of his appreciation of their tools. Maybe if Asko made a scroll saw . . .

izeve, I really appreciate your input as someone who bought LG and can give perspective after living and working with the machines. I looked at all those options and thought I would be able to get custom cycles that gave me exactly what I want -- the Bosch does not have that level of fine tuning! The salesman told us it had an on-board heater "like the Bosch" but did a fan dance every time we asked if it was available on every cycle. He did finally state it operated only on the Allergiene and Sanitary washes and the sensor caused water to be dumped down the drain until the proper incoming temperature was detected, so I decided to defer to the collective wisdom of this board and opt otherwise. I was tempted, though! The machines look really well designed, feel solid, and most reviews are positive and full of praise. I hope yours give you years of satisfaction.

I am currently calling local and not-so-local stores that may still have the Bosch 500 series in stock and are within delivery range. If I can't find locally, I will order from one of your links, deeageaux.

Thank you both so much for your responses!

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Your husband maybe pleasantly surprised to know that the same industrial complex in NC that makes dishwashers, laudry washers and dryers, also makes Bosch power tools sold in USA.

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definately look around online - i just purchased a vision 500 set from don's appliances on ebay (an authorized dealer in PA) and had them delivered to FL. Got them installed last night, and I've been really impressed with the performance (both the washer and dryer). love the steam refresh on the dryer.

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Hello -- OP here. I think the most satisfying threads on this forum are those where you find out whether the problem was solved or resolved and/or if everyone lived happily ever after. So, here's the update:

I was able to find both washer and dryer locally! After being told that the distribution channel had dried up, I learned from posting here that I could find one or probably both on the internet (thank you again, deeageaux); but by good fortune, a new appliance outlet store opened last month within delivery range, and they had both units. Yippee! I had originally ordered them in white, but my now-installed anthracite units were new-in-box and $400 less in cost. Nice to save the money, but the most important factor here is the "now-installed" adjective. I'd been without a W/D for over two months, so ditching the time-intensive laundromat experience, plus having the units I'd researched and chosen here in the house, has made me very, very happy and grateful that all has worked out to this point.

Washer and dryer have been in use for a few days now, and I am amazed at how much better they work than my 15-20 year-old (unmatched set) front-load washer and dryer. I do have some questions about their optimal performance, but I think these issues relate more to changing from a top loader to a front loading washer and the more modern, moderate heat dryers rather than being specific to my Bosch machines. I am using the search function on this site but may start a new thread to ask for your insight and experience.

Thanks to you all,


**As an amusing side note, the very day after I posted my encomium about my Asko dishwasher, it developed a leak that dripped water for 24 hours or so right over the newly completed bathroom /laundry cabinet renovation directly underneath. Fortunately it was discovered, and there is no apparent damage to the drywall below. In my opinion, this appliance did deserve to go out with a bang after years of faithful service, so all's good here, and we did replace with another Asko. ;o)

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