PatOctober 22, 2011

xhappyx, please see my comments to you in the post "'Free' question" below.


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I answered :) I hadn't logged in to here for sometime, and just decided to check the board today. What are the chances of your message being the very first one on the forum list for me today? Now if I could do that with the lottery!

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thank you so much for your response and good luck with the lottery.
i hope you don't stop posting here, your background is especially relevant and very educational.

as an added comment, i find Cheer Free and Wisk to be amazing at cleaning and gentleness to skin.


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I have not tried Cheer Free or Wisk (well I used Wisk many years ago but since formulary often changes I couldn't comment on it) That is good to know you have had no reaction to those. I will keep that on my radar if I end up hitting a sale and those are the offerings. Sometimes I see loss leaders in stores where detergent goes on sale for cheap, and then add some coupons to the mix. On our every day clothes around the house, things generally don't get super dirty. So I am open to just about anything that reasonably gets things clean but they don't have to be real heavy hitters for stains, and they don't make our skin raw. My gardening and hiking clothes take a beating but I have become used to just pre-treating those to get ground in dirt out of them. Thanks again :)

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