Less Expensive Alternative to Seagull UC Lighting

rdw829July 11, 2012

My contractor has recommended Seagull U/C lighting as the "best" UCL. I don't need the best, but I also don't want to do straight puck lights. I have read many posts, but wind up more confused than anything else.

Recommend a good UCL system that is less $$ than Seagull?

I mentioned LED strips, but he stated concerns about cutting them down / never changing the length?

He is really sold on Seagull, but I am looking for equally good but less $$ system. I'm not sure if we will use them for task lighting (never had them before) - or more for ambience.

Help provided in the form of the "Idiot's Guide to UCL" would be greatly appreciated :)

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The approach I would take would be as follows
1. Envisage the possible usage (imagine what you could do) and desired look - invariably, they will be used for ambience as well as task lighting.
2. List out your constraints including physical constraints imposed by your cabinetry. For example -
a. low profile b. low heat output.
c. color of the light output.
d. direct wire to 120V or low voltage.
e. ability to dim the lights.
f. total cost of the entire system - all interconnecting parts, installation, light bars, power supply (sometimes loosely called transformer)

3. Price out the entire system - not just the bars.

The linked discussion has quite a number of details

Here is a link that might be useful: LED UCL continuation

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