Height of Pendant Lighting Over Island

gretagargoJuly 14, 2010

I just installed a hanging track lighting system over my 8ft. kitchen island. I need advice on how high above the island I should hang the 2 hanging pendants. I don't want the pendants to be in my way and probably prefer them on the higher side since I am afraid of them being too low. If it matters, I have 4 stools across and one on each end. There are also 3 small bells on the track. The island is a plain slab in black without cooking or sink area.

Thank you in advance!

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The taller of you and your DH should stand and the pendant should be at least 2" over the taller ones head. That is how I did it. For 8 ft ceilings, I would say that the maximum height of the pendants from the ceiling should be 20" - the 20" includes the height of the lighting fixture itself plus the hanging thread. I did the same for my dining table -- although dining table pendants can hang lower I kept them high -- and DH's head is still below it and doesn't hit it. If you want to be safer, you could do a maximum of 18". Personally I like 20", it gives you at least 6 ft of clearance unless either of you is 6 ft!

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One more thing -- the 20" should include height of the track as well. My ceilings are 8 ft 4", and I set the maximum height of my pendants at 26" which includes track height, height of hanging thread, and height of pendant fixtures themselves. It was perfect sizing.

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Here's how DH & I solved this dilemna: We stood up closest to where the pendants hang. I held the tape measure to his head. We added a couple inches in case he's wearing a hat or I've got my hair up. That's where they are. The closest to the lit surface without hitting either of our heads. Not so scientific, I was really looking for a formula myself, but that is what worked.

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