Lowes Utilitech Pro LED Uundercabinet

sbkimJuly 1, 2012


Aside from Lowes website, I was curious to hear any reviews on Utilitech Pro LED UCLs. They seemed to be attractively priced and looked "decent" at the store but I am concerned whether they are bright enough for UCL.

Here's a summary of specs from Lowes:

12" 200 lumens, 3 lights, 3w, $37

18" 330 lumens, 5 lights, 8w, $53

24" 470 lumens, 7 lights, 11w, $70

30" 722 lumens, 9 lights, 15w, $80


Here are my questions:

1. Is this enough lumen for length?

2. For one area where I have 2x18" cabinets, I am planning to use 30" LED for 722 lumens vs 2x18" LEDs for 660 lumens. Is it ok that I have 3" per side that's not covered with LED. I thought higher lumen would be better?

3. Aside from Environmental LEDs, are there any other LEDs sold in local stores I should consider for similar price?


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Sorry, I don't know the details.

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24 inch are now on sale for 32.39, with a military discount, I paid just over $29.

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