what is the best recessed lighting?

shoelvrJuly 24, 2010

It's all in the bulb right?

How are you supposed to pick the lighting when there are so many options? So confusing. For instance, you look flawless in the dressing room at Anthropologie, but look washed out in the doctor's exam room.

The only thing I know I don't like are those energy lights..a friend uses those and her house looks terrible at night, like it has a green haze.

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For color accuracy, you will need to check the advertised CRI (Color Rendering Index). Anything >80 would be good.

Also bear in mind that the price also tends to rise with the CRI.

The whiteness of the light will also have an impact. This is typically measured in terms of kelvin. Most people will prefer something from 2700K - 3000K, which is what most incandescent bulbs produce.

Cheap CFLs (CREE LR6 lights are pretty good.

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great, thanks for explaining this..have it written down. I've seen the 2700 mentioned a few times and didn't know what it meant. Thanks so much!

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