Undercabinet lights with a 120V tradtional toggle dimmer

kawfeeaddictJuly 9, 2011

For aesthetic reasons, we want our under-cabinet lights to be controlled with a traditional style toggle dimmer opposed to an electronic dimmer (unless one is made in a traditional style).

What choices do we have for under-cabinet fixtures? Worse comes to worse, I supposed we could use fluorescent fixtures with a regular toggle switch.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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You just have to look carefully and ask the vendors (and possibly the manufactures).

All dimmers in use now are electronic.
Typical incandescent dimmers use a Triac, others use various versions of transistors that switch on the opposite edge of the waveform than a Triac.

It is very hard to dim a florescent light more than a small amount with ANY available method.

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Are you asking if you can dim electronic low voltage under cabinet lighting with a toggle style dimmer? I don't believe anyone makes an ELV toggle style dimmer but they do make interfaces to let some standard dimmers control most any load. Take a look at the link to a toggle style dimmer and see the note about load interfaces. With that dimmer one would add a PHPM-WBX-DV-WH interface. The catch is that this interface requires a 2g box and should be hidden from view. Locate it in a closet, pantry or cabinet.

Here is a link that might be useful: toggle style dimmer

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You could also look into line voltage LED UCL.

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"You could also look into line voltage LED UCL."

They still use some method to reduce the voltage applied to the LEDs.

It is this portion that may not play well with a regular triac dimmer.

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