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shalagoJuly 27, 2012

I wondered if an expert on lighting could comment on the below expereince we are having with our newly installed custom kithcen with a white spray finish.

While we picked a BM Simply White our cabinet maker would not use the BM product as he felt it did not have the quality hardening of industrial enamel. Thus, he color matched. For one, we don't belive the color matched to the original sample. We are being told that White on a painted sample from a can with a satin finish will not match the hardened enamel finish from a light spray cabinet coat. For that matter, the same color from a flat to gloss will always cast different. "Ok" fine. Let's assume this to be the case, have you ever found that as your room refelcts and casts light differently that cabinets along turns can take on different hues as if they came from different lots of white? Our home reno is still not complete. Drywall has just a prime, flrs are not yet sanded and finished. I am sure the colors will continue to adjust as layers are completed. However, that aside it seems that the walls themselves cast differently even between the countertop and the upeer cabinet. For us, this is most noticeable on one upper as it approaches a corner cabinet. After the corner there is a run of cabs with a painted hood. They remain a constant in any lighting. However, and w/o fail the one lone cabinet that sits at a 90 degree from those alway reflects like a different white. Just wondering if anyone else has experineced a similar phenomna or how pronounced. If you were to take the cabinets off the wall and stand them side by side they match perfect. Tx!!!

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The answer is yes, color is not a constant, it is going to change depending on how light hits it. There is a poster named Funcolors who hangs out on the Paint Forum who could likely write a thesis on this. She is a color expert.

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