FL pair that's good quality but budget friendly?

clubcrackerOctober 2, 2011

We are buying a home out of state and leaving our Bosch laundry pair behind, as the dryer is gas and we won't have gas where we're going...so we included the pair in the sale.

I like the Bosch set (500 Nexxt washer about 5 years old, and 500 ??? Steam dryer about 1 year old), but they were pretty expensive and I was only able to buy them one at a time without stressing out my budget (lived with the old Maytag dryer till last year when I got the steam dryer).

I am open to suggestions for what to buy in the new house. Needs to be an electric dryer. I like a FL washer, steam/sanitary cycle, and I would love to have one that has just a rinse/spin cycle if possible.

I'd like not to break the bank (maybe under $1500 for a pair?) or, if I'm going to break the bank, I'd like to be able to think the set will last more than 5 years or so.

Are there any sales coming up I should know about? I'll need something fairly soon in November but could probably wait a couple of weeks if there are good deals coming.

We do about 5 loads of laundry per week - 3 people, 2 large dogs, and we wash our own comforters, blankets etc. fairly frequently due to allergies.


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I think the Bosch Vision is better than Nexxt and they are being liquadated on ebay and brick & mortar stores.

I think you can get the Vision 500 pair for under $1500.

I paid $575 for my 500DLX delivered but on ebay the best price at the moment is $860 for the washer and $960 for the dryer but one of the cheaper dealers/liquadatores could add one tomorrow.

I read they are rated for 3000 loads. At 5 loads per week that is 11.5 years. My 500 DLX has sanitary and rinse/spin cycle.

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