To stack or not?

mellyc123October 7, 2011

Do you stack your washer and dryer?

Mine are currently on pedestals. However I am pretty sure I can stack them if I wanted. They just seem so huge they make the room feel so small.

I am considering having a custom pedestal made that would be half the height of the current ones or else stacking them.

Wondering if anyone with the stacked version doesn't like it.

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I went from a front loader to another front loader, but the new ones are on a pedestal. They do seem huge. But I think part of the problem is they also stick out more than the old set. Never really thought about dealing with getting into the old front loader. However, now that I have pedestals, I wouldn't go back.

Just wondering since you do have the pedestals if you would be happy with a stacked set. If your set is one of the larger units are you going to want to scrounge around on the floor looking to see if a wet sock is stuck to the top of the washer? Also, are you tall enough to reach the dry clothes sitting in the back of the dryer? The ease of use would also matter more if you are using it everyday.

Just something to think about.

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