Help me find the right sconce

listenerJuly 24, 2010

Please help me find a pair of wall sconces for our master bedroom. The wall in question is ten feet tall with windows up to about seven feet. I need two wall sconces to go above the windows, with the light directed upwards and reflected off of a tongue and groove vaulted ceiling, providing ambient light for the room.

We would like to match the other lighting fixtures in the room:

a pair of Tolomeo micro wall lamps


and a Modern Fan Company Ball ceiling fan/ceiling light


The sconces should be uplighting only, brushed aluminum or nickel, and I'm thinking the equivalent of 200W halogen lights. Does this make sense? If so, have any suggestions?

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Take a look at this sconce. It's pricey, but design seems good for your room. It is avail in brushed nickel.

I am curious about your use of sconces above the windows. Have you seen sconces placed above windows? Share a pic if you have one as I am interested in the finished look.

If I were uplighting a contemporary bedroom ceiling I would use a torchier lamp - like this one, or maybe some track lighting.

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