Please HELP! Where should we drill holes in cab for Hoses?

cflahertyOctober 25, 2011

we are smack dab in the middle of a major kitchen, mudd and bathroom remodel. our current question relates to the mudd room, specifically the hoses from our FL washer unit to the wall where water supply and drain will be (see pics). I need help! where on the cabinet should we place a 3+ inch hole in the cabinet. the cabinet will be holding be a 22' W by a 9.5' Deep sink. The cabinet is 24' wide and sits b/w the front loader washer and front loader dryer units.

Concern#1: we are placing a sink in the cabinet that is 9.5 inches deep and 22 inches wide....will there be enough room for both hot and cold water hoses and drain hose not to get kinked?

Concern#2: should the drain hose (where water leaves the pipe) be higher or lower as the water empties into the drain?

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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You'll get your answer when you actually set your sink into it's frame too see what kind of room you'll have to play with.

I wouldn't make any cut outs until you have the sink in place.

Another thing to think about is put some kind of covering around the new cutout for the hoses. The hoses move (jerk) when water is allowed to enter the machine and jerk again when that water is stopped by the machine.
Eventually the bare wood cut out will rub away at the rubber hoses/drain hose and cause the hoses to eventually fail.

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Georgect, thx so much for your response. The granite folks are doing the install today and they r also providing the SS Sink. Unfortunately, the person doing the plumbing work is not going to be here today. Additionally, the cabinet maker will not be here either unless I call him and tell him to be here. Maybe the granite folks will be able to make the hole but it's really not their job..ughhhh
If the hole is not made and the granite goes on top, I hope the guy doing the plumbing will be able not only make the hole but be able to fish the lines thru the cabinet and attach them properly to the water supply in the wall. Thx for the tid bit on wear and tear of hoses on the wood will definitely do that.
Lots of Prayers please!

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My only other suggestion is instead of a round 3+ inch hole in one spot, you can maybe cut a 3 inch hole but connect them in an up and down fashion so the 3 inch circles connect each other making for a long opening, more like a 3 X 9 inch opening (or 3 x 12).

How about that?

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That sounds good. Maybe the granite folks will hold the sink in place before hand so we can see where the hoses might hit the sink. What would you suggest lining the hole with? A bead of silicone? Some type of bendable rubber?

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Yeah you could use either one of those, anything to buffer/soften the hoses from the wood.

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