cabrio wtw7300xw or lg wt5001cw

golferdudeOctober 24, 2010

We are replacing our 22 yr old whirlpool TL. We are wanting to stay with a TL. I am looking at the Cabrio WTW7300XW and the LG WT5001CW. Both are direct drive which I was wanting. There are a few features between them, and a little more capacity with the LG but trying to figure out if the LG is worth $200 more. Does anyone have any words of wisdom on this?


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I won't be of much help but to tell you I have been trying to decide on a new W/D for weeks now. After looking around I decided I wanted to stay with a top loader but also wanted a HE machine so it came down to Whirlpool/Maytag and LG for me. After researching as much as I could I finally decided on the LG today and bought a WT5010HW and DLE5001W dryer. They will delivered Saturday so I can't give you any first hand impressions yet.

In researching there isn't a whole lot out there on the LG's since they are so new but what I found was pretty much uniformly positive. CR tested them and they did well in all areas except gentleness. The user reviews I could find (including owners here at GW) seemed to really like these machines. Of course being new who knows how they will hold up over time. I bought the extended warranty (which I never do) to kind of hedge my bet. LG is at the top of the CR reliability survey for both dryers and FL washers so I hope that continues to TL washers. Whirlpool is also right there with LG.

CR rates the Whirlpool #1 for HE top loaders and it did well in all areas except washing performance where it did just average. User reviews were more of mixed bag with complaints of not cleaning well, wadding clothes and repair issues. Of course there were a lot of positive reviews also.

In the end I liked the design of the LG and the extra cost wasn't a big deal to me so I decided to take a chance on them. Time will tell if this was a wise choice or not.

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Are you interested in supported a Korean company? The LG--Goldstar washer and dryer are built there--so your hard earned US $$$ benefit few here in the US.

The Cabrio washer and dryer is manufactured in Ohio by an American (Michigan) based company.

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jimbo: I found the same thing you did when trying to decided on which one. When reading some of the complaints on the whirlpool I asked myself if it was just the way they were using it or did they really just want a FL? I read the owners manual on both and you definitely don't operate them like the older TL. So I am hoping it is that.
Lowes has the cabrio WTW7340XW on sale through today. It is pretty much the WTW7300XW model just a couple features different. When Whirlpool makes something just for one retailer, does that make it harder to get parts or in this case would the parts be the same as the WTW7300XW model? Is it not a good idea to get a "specific" made machine for a Lowes, Sears, etc?

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Per diagrams available on Whirlpool's web site, WTW7300XW and WTW7340XW are exactly the same except for the user interface board and control panel (buttons, cycles/options offered).

BTW, a "foreign" company technically also benefits when particular Cabrio models are purchased. The main drive motor is Fisher & Paykel's SmartDrive system. F&P is a NZ company, although they do have manufacturing facilities in the U.S. :-)

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Thanks dadoes, I haven't been able to find any thing on the 7340 model on Whirlpools site.

I ended up getting the WTW7340XW for $560 plus tax, including delivery and haul off of my old washer. I just couldn't come up with a reason to go with the LG other than it has a stainless wash plate. The LG had other options but I didn't need them. We will see, they are delivering the machine in the morning.

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Whirlpool recently closed their tech site to the public, it's now accessible only by (expensive) subscription.

Parts diagrams are (currently) available on the regular public site Look under Owner Center, Manuals & Literature. Enter the model number, a parts list link should be in the list of returned documents if one is available.

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Thanks for the info...of course, the owners manual is only spanish... :( But at least I did find the parts list is available. Not sure why the owners manual isn't in english? Guess I will ask them. But thanks for the info.

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Congratulations! I'm sure you will be quite happy with your new washer.

I have no issues with purchasing LG products.

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I too went looking for washers and was comparing the exact same brands/models. The lady at Lowes recommended the Cabrio, but, did say not to use the "Normal" cycle because it tangles the clothes. She spoke to the retailer who told her they get several complaints and recommended she use the other cycles. Also, there were complaints that clothes were awfully wrinkled. When I went to Sears, they steered me away from Whirlpool Cabrio due to the tangling of clothes. It has something to do with the way the clothes spins. Consumer Rpts recommended the Cabrio over LG also. LG was not as energy/water efficient as Cabrio according to Consumer Rpt. However, based on reviews from consumers, looks like they prefer the LG. Ultimately, I went with the LG from Home Depot for $718.

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