Preferred color temp?

jscozzJuly 12, 2010

I am looking to swap out 15 65W 6" cans in my kitchen/bkfast room with LR6's... I have tried a couple LER PAR30s that were "warm white" 3000-3500 temp... put one in my office with 3 other regular PAR30 incandescent... I did not care much for the less realistic skin tones and harsh light... but, here is my question... in choosing between the 2700 and 3500 LR6 units, has anyone installed 3500 units in your kitchen? Or may be even both color temps in their home? Do you get over the difference in light with the 3500 units after a while, and do you actually like them better? Or would you stick with 2700 for a kitchen

My goal is to swap these out to save energy (15 lights on 6-8 hours / day) and have it pass the wife test... ie. if she did not notice the change it would be a success! :)

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After more research, the other concerns I have about the LR6 is bulb visibility. I have 15 recessed cans in my kitchen/bkfst room. I currently have plain white trims and R40 bulbs at almost ceiling level. From across the room you see hot spots of light. After seeing a lot of good info on here, I was ready to switch to R30 bulbs, higher up in the can, with specular haze colored trims to make it less visible across the room. But the LR6 looks like the lens is close to ceiling level... not recessed up in the can. And I am not happy about the 20% min dim level.

The CR6 looks like it is up in the can a bit higher and goes to 5% dim level, but has no trim options and lacks the color stabilization technology. May be since it sits up higher, the white trim is OK and does not produce the hot spots I see now? And is the color stabilization really noticeable?

I would love to see a new LR6 that has all the features of the current... with a more recessed bulb, trim options and 5% min dimming level. Anyone know if this is coming?

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The CR6 according to the Polar-ray website will be available sometime in August. If they were available then, I would probably have considered them instead of the LR6 as they are supposedly cheaper.

The LR6 lights are not terribly distracting like a PAR40.

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