monopoints - low voltage vs line voltage - need another opinion

raroJuly 29, 2011

We are going to install monopoints on several walls in our house. The lighting store steered me to low voltage but the architect says to go with line voltage (reasons are that there are no transformers to go bad, the energy use is about the same, they are cheaper - cost is an issue here). Can you change track heads easily from one type to another at a later date? Are they all halogen bulbs? Are there any points arguing in favor of low voltage?

I read the main old posts on this forum on this topic and they are from several years ago. Not much coverage of pros and cons. Please weigh in here.

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Low voltage halogen bulbs could last longer than line voltage equivalents.

I think there are more choices for low voltage.

There are LED bulbs available today, but most do not produce as much light as the halogen bulbs.

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