Comparing CR6 vs LR6

jscozzJuly 20, 2010

I know the CR6 is not available yet, but I have seen YouTube videos of them being installed in Habitat houses... so I am guessing some pre-release units are out there. I have been coming up to speed about these two models from this forum and CREE spec sheets. I have a few questions... not sure if anyone on here has first hand experience with these yet... but any input would be greatly appreciated. I am considering these for my home.

1) The specs say they get pushed in and twisted to lock in place. What do the tabs grab on to? The YouTube video showed a gap between the ceiling and trim that the guy could not tighten... do these stay in place properly? Can they be installed easily to be tight with no gaps?

2) I saw a video on the LR6 being disassembled... showed the sensor that is actively adjusting the light color temp. Is this the "TrueWhite" which appears to be in both the LR6 and the CR6? I read here in other posts here that there is one color feature that is NOT on the CR6 that the LR6 has. What is this feature and is it important for residential use? I have seen a lot of early specs posted here that now seem to be wrong... may be CREE has changed them... lifetime at 50,000, power consumption at 10.5, trims available... is there still a difference in the color stabilization or is this no longer a difference either?

3) What is left as the advantage of the LR6 besides 575->650 lumens?

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The tabs grab onto the can. Both lights have identical installation procedures.

Yes, they can be installed without gaps, although that may take a little effort.

The color stabilization is only available for the LR6, not the CR6 at this time from the advertised specs.

I would have considered the CR6 before...

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Thanks... I guess I am trying to understand what additional color stabilization the LR6 has over the CR6. The spec sheets for both say they both have the TrueWhite technology... which I think is the additional sensor on the unit that detects the color temp and adjusts the red LEDs accordingly to maintain the 2700 temp.

Does the LR6 have something more?

When you say it grabs the can... just pressure against the sides? There is nothing else for it to grab... anyone ever have one of these fall out?

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It is pressure and friction. Lights still there.

The edison/ screw in base will help hold too. The Gu24 base adapter will not help much.

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The tabs are quite enough to grab onto the sides of the can.

The light will not come loose if installed correctly even when the gu24 base is used.

Rotate the light clockwise and don't be afraid of ripping the can. The can will be able to take the punishment.

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Anyone know what the difference between LR6 and CR6 is with the color adjustment features, if any? Only difference the spec sheet shows is "Adjusted at factory for optimal color" or something to that effect, on the LR6... but I find it hard to believe the CR6 is not also factory adjusted to optimal color... so, then there are NO spec sheet differences when it comes to auto color adjustment... but early posts on here said there was a difference... anyone from CREE frequent the forums here?

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I've got many LR6 lights and I'm considering buying the CR-6 (now being sold by Home Depot). But if you look at the documentation on the CREE web site and compare the light distribution, the CR6 seems more concentrated.

One of the things I like about the LR6 is the very smooth and wide light distribution. The charts are called "Photometry" on the CREE information sheet (a pdf file on their site).

The LR6 has a tighter flood pattern and concentrates more light straight down (242 Lumens between 0-30 degrees for the CR6 vs 197 Lumens between 0-30 degrees for the LR6). The LR6 has a wider flood pattern.

I don't have any CR6 lights to compare with my LR6 lights but I like the wide even light distribution of the LR6 lights. I'm sure there are situations where a tighter flood pattern is more desirable.

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We are also planning on using Cree lights. We are going to install LR6 650 deep recessed lights in our kitchen. We are struggling with how many we need and how far apart to place them. Our kitchen is 9' x 10' with a peninsula (sink will be installed in peninsula). I'm planning on placing two above the peninsula and lights in front of the cabinets, centered on the countertop edge as generally recommended. I will have task lighting under the cabinets. We have one wall with no cabinets, but we want light to wash evenly across this wall. We want to make sure the room has as consistent light level with no dead spots. We would appreciate any recommendation on how far apart the lights should be placed from each other and from the wall.

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My apologies. I didn't mean to highjack your thread. First time posting. I'll start a new thread.

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We tried both the CR6 and LR6 lights in our house. Except for some high-powered LR6-1000 in a room with high ceilings, we greatly prefer the CR6 lights.

First, our electrician had a nightmare fooling with the dimmers on the LR6 lights, even following the list of recommended dimmers from Cree.

Second, I really like the built-in trim on the CR6 lights.

Third, the CR6 dims low MUCH BETTER than the LR6s -- if this was the only difference it would be enough to choose the CR6. I can't emphasize enough how important this was for us, especially in the dining room and the kitchen.

Last, the CR6 is cheaper. It lasts 50,000 hours just like the LR6 if you buy it from Cree. The Home Depot version lasts 30,000 hours.

So, I suggest you stay away from the LR6 lights, but if you're not sure, buy some of each and compare them yourself with dimmers attached.


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