Lighting for penninsula

DIY_GUY_419July 6, 2012

So we have a peninsula in our kitchen that has no lighting directly above it.

In an ideal world, I would like to put track lighting, or something that hangs down from the ceiling, However, I don't want to do any wiring, and i there is no place to tie it into where it would be on its own switch.

Anyone have suggestion for wireless, battery powered solutions??


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That's a though one. I can't help unfortunately but will definitely keep an eye and see what ideas others will give you. Good luck

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A hard wired light solution will be more practical and cost effective in most cases.

If the light is to be suspended above the peninsula, you will need connecting wiring to a remote battery bank unless you intend to use 18v battery powered work lights or something similar.

Depending on the lights and battery size, the runtime and output may not be sufficient. Wireless switching will further reduce the runtime.

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