Using orange paint color with wood cabinetry?

joyce_6333January 24, 2014

I've been thinking of painting my kitchen an orange color..something like SW Jalapeno. Not the whole kitchen, just the wall around the window over the sink. The rest of the kitchen is SW Nomadic Desert. Everyone is telling me you cannot use orange with wood cabinets, that I should use blue or green. I currently have a blue/green (SW Halycon Green), and I am so tired of it. It's a pretty color, but don't know what I was thinking putting it in the kitchen.

Are there guidelines on what colors to use the wood cabinetry? The cabinets are premium hickory with a chestnut stain. Thanks for your thoughts.

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I have Hickory cabinets and a color rep for Devine paints said I could use a lot of colors with it but I had to be careful with yellow tones due to the color of the Hickory.
Hickory varies so I think you'll just have to paint a section next to the cabinets and see how it looks. It'll all depend on the undertone of the orange.........and it's not like you're painting a huge area. ;)

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Plenty of orange kitchens with wood cabinets, e.g.

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I think orange is a Great Wall color for most mid to light woods, as it is definitely present in the wood. In our office building we chose a countertop of greys and tans with a slight fleck of orange, which enabled us to not only keep the oak cabinetry but make it look intentional.

Lol, iPad editorializing again.... No I am not discussing kitchens in China!

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Thanks so much for responding and for the info and pictures. The color orange I'm considering is quite different than those pictures.

I've attached a pic of the cabinet with 2 colors I'm considering. What do you think? Too much yellow, or pink?

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I like the top color best........very similar to what I had in my MB with Hickory cabs.

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I like the top color best....and do not consider it orange. It falls somewhere between coral and tomato. It looks good with your wood cabinets.

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On my monitor, it looks more red than orange. I prefer the top one, too. More contrast.

Some other colors

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Really like the color in the last picture. Thanks!!

I'm going to give this color (SW Jalapeno) a try. It's only paint....right?

Ok, another questions, related to this. Our dining room/eating area is right off the kitchen and has beams. What do you think about painting the ceiling between the beams this same color?? Picture was taken when we moved in. I would paint over the blue with the same tan as the other walls.

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