Recessed Light 101 lesson needed : New House

ras9999July 30, 2010

Building a new 3900 sqr foot house , 2 story.

1st floor is 10' and 2nd floor 9' ceilings.

Electrician suggested Halo 5" recessed cans for everywhere and the flourescents for the kitchen per code.

He said a recessed can is standard and I don't need to worry about type.

He also insists the 5" recessed lights are nice and that I should not consider the 4". He said the 4" has light too focused, and that we will need a ton more.

What do I need to do on recessed lighting?

My house has 80 in the plans but my contract with the builder has a budget up to 95 and all show flourescent in my plan (though I will do that only for kitchen I think).

What all should I consider and do?

Please help. I need to decide in next 5-7 days.

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The most common can size is ~ 6".

Due to energy efficiency laws coming into play, you may find that a GU24 base is required instead of the normal screw in (Edison) base for the bulb socket.

Alternatively, there are custom CFL cans that utilize a 4 pin format.

There are cans that are rated for insulation contact and those which are not.

You need to find out what sort of socket is used and the local energy efficiency laws you're subjected to.

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Thanks. He is going by code. But other than code, a recessed can is all the same (Halo, Juno, ...) ?
Its all about the light ?

You agree 4" recessed is too small and 5" nice ?

This is a new custom home and electrial is about to start so trying to gather all sorts of ideas now.

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Verify the exact code requirements for recessed lighting.

You will be able to find comparable cans from any manufacturer. However, the can could restrict the type of light that is usable. For example - GU24 base CF lights cannot be used in edison base sockets. If you install a CFL can with an integrated ballast, you will also be limited to the type of lamp that will fit.

There are situations where 3" or 4" holes are preferable to 6". However, the smaller cans cost more.

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Thanks. Cost wise its all in the contract up to 95 recessed lights and my choise of 4", or 5" and I can decide on Flourescent or Incadescent.

Only bathroom and kitchen require Flourescent (a little more expensive than Incadescent). I have no other real restrictions with codes.

He has recommended the 5" throughout the house due to ceilings being 9' on 2nd floor and 10' on 1st floor. I have budget to put more lights if I wanted 4" but I would imagine too many holes in the ceiling is also not good.


Thanks for my 101 training

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Is it worth the extra cost to go to LED for just the kitchen?
The title24 requires we use Flouresecent Cans or LED. If we go with flourescents they won't have the screw type for later retrofit.

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The costs for led is comparable to title 24 cans.
I went through the process a year ago and still think that the CREE led solution is superior.

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Hi davidtay

Can you tell me what is title 24 cans so I do not get cheated? I know the kitchen and bathrooms need to be flourescent due to some code. Is that title24 ? He said moving from Flourescent can/light bulb to LED is about $100/light more.

Any sanity checks would be appreciated.

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Such a can cannot have an edison base (gu24 or 4 pin connector), must be air tight and able to come into full contact with insulation.

A Cree lr 6 is about 80 and a gu24 base can about 15. A cfl can with an integrated ballast could be problematic if the ballast fails.

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Such a can cannot have an edison base. It has to be a gu24 or 4 pin connector (CFL).

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