EcoSmart LED recessed lights change color when dimmed

MtBiker77June 21, 2012

I started installing EcoSmart 2700K (ECO-575L) 6" bulbs in existing recessed cans and they look great. The color and tint aren't perfect, but they're close. The problem is that they are brighter than the incandescents they replace. That should be no problem as we already have dimmers, but the color of the EcoSmarts cools off considerably when dimmed. They go from being very close to tungsten to indistinguishable from a bad florescent.

Does anyone else have a similar experience? Any chance a modern dimmer meant for LEDs would correct the tone when dimmed?

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot link

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"Any chance a modern dimmer meant for LEDs would correct the tone when dimmed?"


The multiple different colored LEDs used to create the light do not behave equally when dimmed.

They are normally balanced at full intensity to create an apparent color temperature, but any change in brightness will throw the balancing off.

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