Want a semi flush chandelier for WC - what wattage

winesnobJune 2, 2012

My husband likes enough light to read anywhere, yes he takes a magazine along....I found a semi flush chandelier for a small water closet but it says 60 watts...I now have a recessed can in there...is it 60 watt enough light....

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What kind of lighting is in the WC now.

60 watts probably refers to the energy used by incandescant bulb(s). Incandescants are very inefficient light sources because they generate a lot of heat. The 60 watt limit is related to heat buildup.

Consider switching to either CFL or LED bulbs for some significant energy savings. For example if the fixture is rated for two 60 watt incandescant bulbs you could install two 15 watt equivalent CFL bulbs and get almost twice the light for about half the energy usage.

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