Amana washer NTW4880YQ

Paula12345October 6, 2011

I am looking at the above Amana washer. I know it's the old style washer, but would be interested in hearing from anyone who has one. Also, I would be interested in hearing from those who have tried the HE top-load washers, as well as anyone who has had both a front-load and top-load, old style like the Amana above or new HE style who can give me an honest comparison of the performance of the various types of washers. Thank you in advance.

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Going to vary from washer to washer, sometimes seems to vary even from the exact same washer.
But "in general" your best bet from what I have read in hundreds of reviews lately is a Top Loader HE without the agitator.
Front Loaders according to many reviewers and several class action lawsuits do not seem to be worth the money at all.

I have never owned one, but for IMO good reason.

Myself we chose a LG WT5101H washer 4.5cu.ft with the matching dryer LG DLEX5101.
Nothing but great reviews.

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