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ynnejJuly 27, 2012

I haven't ventured very far into the world of fondue. The only one I've made is the basic cheese fondue recipe. I'm wondering, if I wanted to add bell pepper and onion, could I cook it directly in the fondue pot? I saw a recipe for bell pepper fondue and they cooked it separately. Couldn't I just crank the heat up and sautee the veggies, then add the rest of the ingredients?

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A cheese fondue pot is properly made of's pretty much a cheese melter not a device to sautee peppers and onions.
I would sautee the veggies separately and add to the melted cheese.
Just curious....will you be serving this the traditional way with bread and forks for dipping? How will the pieces of onion and peppers get picked up with the bread?
I think you would be better served to sautee up a mess of peppers and onions and serve them as a side to the fondue.

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I suppose it depends on how hot your fondue pot gets. If it is possible to "crank up the heat," I don't see why it wouldn't work. The peppers and onions should add a nice flavor to your cheese even if you can't pick them up on your fork. I'd mince them very fine; that way they'll be a part of the fondue, not a separate element to try to spear.

Let us know how it goes :)

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Thank you for your responses. If I ever get this recipe right I will let you know- at this point... yeesh.

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Unless you have an electric fondue pot that has adjustable temps, you should make your cheese fondue in a separate pot on the stove. Transfer the melted cheese to the fondue pot and keep it "fluid" with the heat source underneath(sturno, tea lites). Saute the minced peppers and onions in a separate pan also. NancyLouise

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Thank you, Nancy. It does have adjustable temps. I should have included that little tidbit earlier.

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The problem as I see it is that if you get it hot enough to cook the onions and peppers, the cheese will be ruined. I prefer to stick to the traditional!

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