Recessed Light Placement - Kitchen

ftruemperJune 7, 2010

I'm putting recessed lighting throughout my house, but I'm stumped on where to place them in the kitchen.

I'm using 6" cans for the rest of the house. Is that ok to use in the kitchen? My wife wants the kitchen to be bright.

Here's what it looks like. There is a window over the sink on the left wall. The thing on the bottom right corner is a counter top height bar.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Yes they are.

I used a rough formula 35 lumen / sq ft to estimate the number of lights (LR6) needed.

Assumption 600 lumens per light.

For a 10x10 room
10 * 10 * 35 /600 = 5.8 lights
rounded up to 6.

I would put cans near the counter edge, over the sink and spread out across the room in some regular fashion, constrained by the framing of the ceiling and other obstructions, for example vents, ceiling features.

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