Dryer Vent 30ft. Up

karenconOctober 5, 2012

Hi All. My dryer vent is located about 30 ft. up on the house so it is very difficult to find a vent that will really last. We have lots of wind as well. It would be nice to have some solution so that we could maintain it from the inside. Any ideas?

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Thank you 451. This seems like it is built well. I guess one of the problems is lint getting caught in the hinge area. I can see how this could work though.....vacuum it out once or twice a year?

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I would contact them directly and discuss the specifics of your situation. During fabrication, they will likely be able to do a custom flange to cover the hinge area and facilitate lint traveling past the hinge versus collecting in that area. These are truly custom made. They might even have some ideas regarding an interior quick connector system to the vent whereby you can easily clean and check the vent from the inside.

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Also, you could replace the dryer with certain GE dryers (mostly higher-end models) that are designed for extra-long duct runs, over 100 feet IIRC.

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leee676, do you know which GE (or other brand) models are designed for extra-long runs? the builder of our new house put in a 50-foot duct run with multiple turns and i'm tearing my hair out trying to find a dryer that will work safely.

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I don't have the time to check every installation manual but these GE dryers are amongst those designed for up to 150 foot duct runs:


However, every bend in the ductwork reduces the effective length, as does the wrong kind of outlet cover ouside your house. It's explained on page 37 in this installation guide for the dryers listed above. Some of their "Harmony" rear control panel dryers a few years ago also allowed 150 ft. duct runs but they don't seem to be in this year's lineup anymore, but there may be some in the pipeline still. Other dryers often have from 40 to 90 foot maximum duct runs, but again every bend (and there are usually several) deducts from the maximum length. The installation guides spell out exactly how to calculate maximum duct length.

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make that page 27, not 37.

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Thank you Lee. Will take a look at that.

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before you get started with attaching a dryer to that vent, see if there is any way to reduce as many elbows as possible. What are these guys thinking? No dryer will ever work correctly and you'll be living with this.....not your builder. After the closing, you are on your own. Download installation instruction from the dryers you are interested in. Hand them to your contractor. As a servicer and for you the homeowner; this is a miserable problem, that so many people don't understand! Your operating costs go up, drying times are increased and your dryer will fail early in life!

The dryerbox in the link will help you eliminate at least 1 90 degree elbow.

Here is a link that might be useful: dryerbox

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In another thread that's currently near the top of the page, entitled "another tell me what to buy...specific criteria--please chime in" by Kali, Dave 1812 posted a link to some information that not only talks about the GE dryers but also mentions a "booster fan" that can be used on long runs. You might find it helpful.


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