Miele Sensitive Powder

peteyjdOctober 5, 2013

Dear Braintrust,

Has anyone tried Miele sensitive detergent? And if so, what is the smell like? Is it strong? Many people on this site have commented on the smell of Persil sensitive as being too strong and not being free of all smell like Tide Free for example. I am assuming that the Miele detergent is made by Henkel and therefor has similar properties to Persil. Anyone know?

Thank You

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I am 99% sure the Miele is made by Henkel, as that seems to be the general wisdom on the internet, but I cannot swear to it.

Persil 'Sensitive' makes me itch because it has perfume.

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Thank you Cavimum. I believe you are correct.

I am looking for a Tide-free Persil, and not finding it. I use Persil Universal Megaperls for whites and Tide free for colors. The scent from Persil doesn't bother me on underwear. But it does on say shirts. It's not a contact allergy. I would just rather not smell it all day.

Thanks for the help.


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The Miele powders are made by a German company called Kreussler. I haven't used the Sensitive version, but the regular and colour version are much lighter scented than Persil.

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Thank You aamassther! I think you have solved my problem. I will give the Miele a spin. I did think it was just like Persil scent wise and therefor was circumspect about ordering. It is expensive. But now I will.

Thanks Again!

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Glad I could help! They're more a floralish scent, that doesn't linger in the dried washing. Reminds me of detergent scents of the past.

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