Track or Monorail with Pendants

listenerJune 24, 2010

I must be incredibly dense, because looking at several lighting websites (lumens, ylighting, etc) and can't for the life of me figure out if there are any mini-pendants that can hang from track lighting systems or monorail systems. We're looking for something to hang above the countertops in our kitchen, where the walls are filled with windows from countertop to ceiling. We can't use under-cabinet lighting, and whatever we choose will be highly visible from outside the house, so we want something nice. Also, we have no money, so we can't spend $300 on each pendant.

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You mean something like these?

Track / monorail lighting systems are typically low voltage.

The trick is to decide the power source - line voltage vs low voltage, total light desired, then style, ...

The light output is determined by the type of bulb - incandescent/ led / halogen, transparency of the pendant.

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davidtay, those are the mini-pendants we are looking for. How does one know that they work with a track system? When I look up track systems, websites never mention pendant lights that are compatible. Do any work as long as the voltage is not too hight?

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You may want to look up sites like
Typically manufacturers like WAC, Prima Lighting will supply both the track and pendants.

Whether they work properly is dependent on
The rated voltage (eg- 120, 12, 24, ...) for the system as both the bulb and wiring for the track and pendants assume a particular voltage.

If you decide on a low voltage system, there is a transformer that has to be purchased as well.

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Thanks for the help! Just so you know, I'm looking for a u-shaped track, 8'-6'-8', with three mini-pendants on the first side (over the kitchen counter), some sort of lighting on the second side (over the range and wall cabinets), and track lighting on the third side (for general lighting and a wall of pantry cabinets and refrigerator). If you have any advice about how best to design such a room, please share!

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After determining the max budget, I would make sure that the room has ~ 35 lumens per sq foot.
That way, you can be sure that
1. There is enough light in the room in the darkest nights.
2. It provides a crude way of estimating the number of lights required and whether supplemental /alternative lights would be required.

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Check out different brands - they will have pendants on their website that will be compatible with their track. WAC, Lightolier, and Bruck and a few that I know. I believe WAC is the lowest priced. Do you need to use pendants? I used Bruck track with track lights and they look great and are a good source of light. Here are pics that may help:

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