North East Snow Alert

jannieFebruary 8, 2013

Here on Long Island NY we're bracing for "The Storm of This Century". Expecting 18 inches or more. I can tell you it started snowing at 6:40 am at my house- and "It's sticking". Everyone in the North East Stay Safe!

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Here in northern NY all schools and many scheduled events are cancelled.

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I'm only 2 hours south of you, and so far, we're getting only rain--thank goodness.

But I'm bowled over by the hype for this storm--"Storm of the Century"? with 18"??????? In So. Jersey, I can remember loads of storms over the years where we got 20-25--30 or more inches of snow. 18 inches is a lot, don't get me wrong, and will create dangerous conditions and really isn't needed on top of our other weather issues this past year--but 'storm of the century? I just don't see it.

Regardless, though--stay safe and warm, and if you do have to clear snow, be very careful.

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I mean THIS century, since 2000. The last two winters I didn't even shovel.

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I agree with Azzalea. The hype is enormous. If they were predicting three feet of snow, I could see it, but not for 18 inches. I am so grateful to be just south of the storm, nevertheless. I'd be happy to never see snow again. Our weather reporters have invented a new word this year --plowable. "Expect a plowable amount of snow." Good grief.

Anyway, I hope those in the NE are hunkered down and have plenty of bread, milk and eggs. Good luck, it does sound like a heck of a lot of snow is on the way. Too bad for anyone who had planned to fly out this weekend.

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But even this century--the President's store of 2003 it was 12 degrees, and we got over 20". We've only had our new house for 4 years, and we had several storms the first couple of years that were way, way worse than 18".

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With all of the weather station hype, people are very very anxious. The affects of Sandy are still very much in our minds. The lucky ones have had minor damage and rebuilt, many many folks are not that lucky. From Island Park to Huntington there are gas lines anywhere from 5 cars to 15 cars. As the news tells us to be be prepared to lose power, it makes things all the worse. People are on edge. Be careful are as you are out and about today. People are not driving well and the snow hasn't even started!

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I've been shaking my head at the hype, too. But of course it's like that with so many news stories these days: information overload.

That said, I'm a little concerned about my friends and relatives northeast of me--not to mention those Better2boutside spoke of above: the people still suffering from Sandy. It's not the snow so much as the wind I'm thinking about. Heavy snow plus high wind can do a lot of damage.

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Really - I had not heard a thing about it...

Bwaahhaaa haaa! Just kidding.

I hope you all don't get a terrible dumping of snow, but I get SO tired of hearing the weather/news people make so much of these weather events.

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North of Boston, we're expecting two feet of snow, with winds steady at 40 mph and gusts up to 65. Seems like a big storm to me!

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Dont forget the extra high moon tide+ high winds....That is what the Sandy survivors are really worried about.

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Another here, who agrees with Azzalea.

There were blizzards in the northeast in 2003 and 2004, that dumped 3-4 ft. Philadelphia area got well over 30".
I remember that niece and nephew were visiting over the weekend, and I was happy to have the kids(young teens, then) ready and able to dig us out.

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South of Boston and they say we could get 30 inches and up to 60mph winds. Yikes.

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I am more afraid of losing power in winds - we have overhead wires, and most of our street lost power with Hurricane Cindy.

Glad we've got a generator now, but hope we don't have to use it.

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