kitchen island lighting

cjaysJune 21, 2010

I have 8 ft ceilings-barely. My island is 5 ft square and I have a rectangular kitchen table nearby. I have cans throughout kitchen ceiling over counters but I need lighting for these 2 areas.

I'm really stuck on lighting for my island as I'm concerned about limited height above island. Also, since it is square-what kind-pendants? single light?...Once I have my island light I think I will be able to find something complimenting for the table.

(My kitchen is somewhat traditional-mahagony cabinets, grantite countertops are beige/brown colors.)

Any input,pics would be appreciated.


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I would go with a single small chandelier above the island and another chandelier for above the kitchen table. It would be easier to make suggestion on specific lighting with a picture of your kitchen. Also, make sure you post your question on the kitchens forum.

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You could also add in more recessed can lights over the island if you don't want to install a pendant light. If you decide to use recess cans I would install a wide spot light bulb so it directs the light straight down onto the surface you are trying to light. Good Luck with the new lighting!

Here is a link that might be useful: Recessed Can Light

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You can also use track lights. I love Bruck track lights and have used them in my kitchen - the track is close to the ceiling and track heads hang lower and my ceilings are low, but they look pretty so it works for my kitchen.

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