Help! Getting conflicting input on cove lighting.

sigurdsJune 28, 2010

I'm half way through new home construction and have hit a wall with lighting. I have cove lighting going in the master bedroom and powder room, and both rooms have some unusual angles which makes even light spacing a challenge. As well, there will be a 10' x 6' suspended "cloud" in the dining room made of drywall accented by a bunch of concealing lighting so that it will appear illuminated above and from the sides.

My issue is this. My local lighting consultants have recommended the Sea Gull Ambient Low Voltage Linear Lighting system as a solution to the odd angles and spacing issues. However, my electrician says to steer clear of this system because he's heard of problems with the fixtures "popping out", and also warns of an annoying hum emanating from the transformer. He tells of a new type of rope lighting that's just become available and thinks I should opt for that (don't know any details yet). My designer, on the other hand, has a serious aversion to rope lighting and urges me to avoid it altogether for these applications.

Any feedback, advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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What sort of lighting is your electrician recommending? LED rope lighting?

An improperly sized transformer (amongst other things)could cause humming.

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Rope lighting with encased lamps is not going to be bright enough for your application. Any of the style of linear cable lighting with lamp holders that must pierce the cable can have problems with poor connections. Cables with the lamp holders permanently attached have more reliable connections to the cable. It's not usually necessary to have a continuous run of cable. Any place where the spacing may become off one could likely just start a new run.

Buy a better quieter transformer like QTran which will be more efficient.

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I installed Juno mini trac lighting which is pretty simialr in concept to the Seagull, Kitchler, and Pegasus linear lighting but uses a compact track instead of wire. I'd have to agree that for something with odd shapes the wire system would be much easier and quicker to install. I can't recall which of the linear lighting companies recently improved thier fixtures to help fix this problem. But once the fixture is installed, maybe a zip-tie can help secure it in place?

Our transformers do hummm.. very slightly. They are Juno branded, but are cheaply made transformers made in India. The QTran seem to be quiet but are pricey and hard to get if you are a consumer. It depends on where the transformer is located. I placed mine on top of the kitchen cabinets so they are not far from my ears, and when the rest of the house is silent, I can hear them. But I have to try. It is not a big deal. If the installer were going to put the transformer inside a cabinet I'd bet you would never hear it.

I think the linear lighting will put out more light and offer some illuminatin vice but a decoration. Right now I have the overcabinet and undercabint lights on in the kitchen, dimmed, and they provide more than enough light to walk through, get to the fridge, sink, dishwasher etc. Not enough to cook, but certainly more than just decorative light splash.

Make sure you get a dimmer! Meastro kicks butt.

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Davidtay, I just found this while looking up cove lighting-- it looks promising. Have you used it or seen it installed? Anybody else?

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What did you find?

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